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STAGE 1 -  Free Online Consultation

My service offers an online consultation, where we are able to discuss which package suits you best based on your requirements. Describing in detail all of which the packages include i.e. mood board creations, detailed spatial planning, and the option to choose between my e-package for remote design implementation or add the home styling services for a more hands-on approach. My virtual expertise empowers you to visualize your dream space and make informed design decisions, no matter where you're located.

STAGE 2 - Spatial Planning and Floor Plan Creations

Usually designers would propose the colour scheme, fabric swatches and interior theme first. However, to really achieve the correct layout for your chosen spaces, I focus on spatially laying out your room, including the proposal of storage solutions or bespoke made creations to really bring the room to life. I highly recommend focusing on this as the initial stage, as the colour schemes and interior themes can only be achieved once I have created the right interior solution for you!

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STAGE 3 - Mood Boards/Product Search

Once you are satisfied with the layout of your home, my next step is to achieve selecting the right materials and colours to bring your space together. Here, I outline the reasoning behind my choices. After all, its all about creating the best design and style that reflect your lifestyle and characteristics.

STAGE 4- Bringing it all together

The last stage consists of a buyable shopping list that fulfils all your requirements that is ready to order. My service includes the management of all orders whereby you would be informed on delivery dates and lead times. Once you have put your room together, depending on the design package selected, I would assign a photographer to take record your finished look!

Please view stage 5 for the additional option to hire my Home Styling Team.

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Stage 5 -  Home Styling Services

Query today on my home staging services. This will consist of a team of people who will help to complete the finer details and dress your space at a professional level. This truly helps to increase the value of your home, especially if you are looking to sell within the property industry.

For those who have just moved in to their new home, this service helps to take the load off from your busy life and get your space ready to inhabit without the worry of doing it yourself!

Honestly it had taken me a little while to finally find the wonderful Basma, finding her was a sigh of relief after all the bad experiences I’ve had with other interior designers. She was extremely patient and understanding, she was able to design exactly what I wanted and more. She presented multiple ideas and managed to understand exactly what I wanted from the little idea I had of what I wanted myself. She went above and beyond to design me the perfect kitchen that caters to the whole family. I would definitely recommend her to everyone! It was truly a blissful experience which I thought would be a nightmare.