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Open Kitchen/Living Area Renovation, Barnet, London, UK

This eclectic e-design proposal was tailored for a client who appreciates bright contemporary colours that complement more monotone primary choices such as grey and black. The vibrant colour palette creates a captivating "pop feature" for both guests and family. The choice of a green kitchen island aims to create a fun and creative atmosphere that reflects the client's personality. The selection of an inconsistent colour pattern and fabric choices truly represents the client's love for taking risks and achieving balance.

Moving on to the new family bathroom on the ground floor, the design incorporates a harmonious blend of wood tiles and dark mosaic tiles. The choice of wood tiles for the flooring creates a warm and inviting ambiance, while the dark mosaic tiles add a touch of sophistication and visual contrast. This combination strikes the perfect balance, infusing the bathroom with a contemporary yet natural aesthetic.

Additionally, a glass door by the entrance hall has been included to create a separation between the open living/kitchen space and other areas of the home. The transparent glass material allows for an open and spacious feel, while still providing a degree of separation and privacy. This design element maximises natural light flow throughout the space, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere.

Overall, this eclectic e-design proposal showcases the client's love for vibrant colours, risk-taking, and balance. The inclusion of a green kitchen island adds a playful and creative touch, while the inconsistent colour patterns and fabric choices highlight the client's unique personality. The family bathroom on the ground floor combines wood tiles and dark mosaic tiles to create a visually striking and harmonious aesthetic. Lastly, the glass door in the entrance hall achieves a sense of separation while maintaining an open and welcoming atmosphere.