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Bathroom Renovation, Sunningdale, Surrey, UK

This bathroom renovation was designed with a combination of Victorian and contemporary style finishes, drawing inspiration from the home's high ceilings and wide windows. Due to the property's history and existence since the mid-1800s, the choice of patterns, items, and traditional colours gives this bathroom space a beautiful, fresh new look to complement the rest of the home throughout.

To honour the Victorian era, traditional green tile finishes were selected for this bathroom. These tiles added an element of elegance and timeless charm, reflecting the design aesthetic of that period. The vibrant green hues brought a refreshing and lively touch to the space, enhancing the overall ambience of the bathroom. The patterned tiles acted as focal points, adding visual interest and lending a sense of character to the room.

The renovation aimed to update the property to suit tenants, striking a balance between modern functionality and the historical context of the home. The design elements were carefully chosen to ensure a seamless integration with the rest of the house while providing contemporary conveniences. The combination of Victorian-inspired features and contemporary fixtures created a harmonious blend of old and new, maintaining the historical integrity of the property while offering modern comfort.

This bathroom renovation was completed with a cost-effective approach in mind, keeping the budget in consideration. By carefully selecting affordable materials and fixtures without compromising on quality, the project achieved a stunning transformation that aligned with the client's financial requirements. The objective was to create a beautiful and functional space while being mindful of the financial aspects.

In summary, the choice of traditional green tile finishes, along with the overall Victorian/contemporary style, bestowed this bathroom with a distinct character that harmonized with the historical significance of the home. The updated design paid homage to the property's heritage, infusing it with a fresh new look that seamlessly blended with the rest of the house. The result was a beautiful, functional, and cost-effective renovation that celebrated the home's past while providing modern comfort for its tenants.