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Full Home E Design Proposal, Kingston-Upon-Thames, UK

In this project, my main focus was to create realistic visualisations that accurately reflected the client's desired mood and style. The objective was to deliver a sense of luxury within a specific budget while maintaining a high level of aesthetic appeal. To ensure safety during the pandemic, this project was conducted entirely as an e-design service.

The concept of affordable luxury was at the core of this project, aiming to create a space that exuded opulence and sophistication while being mindful of the client's budget. Through careful selection of materials, finishes, and furnishings, I curated an environment that showcased refined elegance and exceptional taste. The chosen furniture was thoughtfully sourced to align with the desired affordable luxury feel, ensuring quality and aesthetic coherence.

Virtual communication played a vital role in this service, allowing for seamless collaboration between myself and the client. Mood boards were utilised to visually communicate the overall design direction, enabling the client to envision how different elements, colours, and textures would come together to create the desired ambiance. Realistic visualisations further enhanced the client's understanding of the proposed design concepts, providing a lifelike representation of the space with the chosen furniture, finishes, and lighting.

By combining the elements of affordable luxury, virtual design services, and detailed visualisations, this project successfully brought the client's vision to life. The careful curation of furniture, the utilisation of mood boards, and the creation of realistic visuals all contributed to a comprehensive design experience that achieved the desired sense of opulence and sophistication.