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Modern Kitchen Renovation, Reading, UK

This residential extension project aimed to create a spacious open plan kitchen/living room that seamlessly connected with the garden. The design concept called for a simplistic monotone kitchen to balance out the wood-effect features and porcelain light concrete floor tiles. The choice of black and white for the kitchen colours not only added functionality but also created a visually captivating finish that beautifully complemented the abundance of natural light flooding into the space.

The primary goal of this project was to enhance the sense of openness and flow between the kitchen, living room, and the outdoors. By extending the living space and incorporating large windows and glass doors, the design maximized the connection with the garden, inviting nature and natural light to become integral parts of the interior. The result was a harmonious blend of indoor and outdoor living.

To achieve a cohesive and balanced aesthetic, a simplistic monotone kitchen was chosen. This design approach allowed the wood-effect features and porcelain light concrete floor tiles to take centre stage, providing a warm and organic touch to the overall space. The black and white colour palette of the kitchen acted as a perfect counterbalance, creating a clean and contemporary backdrop that highlighted the natural elements in the room.

The natural light that poured into the space further enhanced the beauty of the black and white kitchen. The abundance of light illuminated the clean lines and crisp finishes, emphasizing the sleekness and sophistication of the design. The combination of natural light and the contrasting colours brought an airy and refreshing atmosphere, making the kitchen a focal point of the overall space.

In summary, this residential extension project successfully achieved a spacious open plan kitchen/living room that flawlessly connected with the garden. The choice of a simplistic monotone kitchen with black and white colours provided a functional and visually captivating finish. The integration of natural light further enhanced the overall aesthetic, creating a harmonious and inviting space that celebrated the balance between simplicity and eye-catching design.