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Kitchen Renovation and Extension, Henley-On-Thames, UK

This project revolved around a quirky and fun client who desired an artistic touch in her new kitchen. To achieve this, touches of orange were incorporated to complement the combination of blues and grey cabinet colors. The contemporary kitchen remodel was part of a larger home renovation project aimed at creating an open plan kitchen and dining area. The inclusion of small wood finishes added a rustic country flair that perfectly aligned with the client's personal style.

Natural light played a significant role in enhancing the overall ambiance of the kitchen. Large bi-fold doors were installed to maximize the entry of natural light, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. The abundance of natural light not only illuminated the space but also highlighted the vibrant colors and unique elements within the kitchen, bringing the artistic touches to life.

The client's pet-friendly environment was also taken into consideration during the design process. Materials and finishes were carefully chosen to be durable and pet-friendly, ensuring that the kitchen could withstand the activities of furry companions without sacrificing style or functionality.

Furthermore, the client's daughter, who was an avid baker, influenced the design choices. To accommodate her baking and chocolate forming skills, a mix of quartz and granite stone tops were selected for the countertops. These materials offered both durability and a suitable surface for the daughter's culinary endeavors, allowing her to pursue her passion with ease while adding a touch of elegance to the kitchen.

Overall, this kitchen remodel successfully combined elements of artistry, functionality, and personalization. The vibrant orange accents, complemented by the combination of blues and greys, created a visually striking and playful environment. The rustic country flair provided by the small wood finishes added character and charm. The integration of natural light through bi-fold doors contributed to a bright and inviting atmosphere. The inclusion of pet-friendly features and the choice of quartz and granite stone tops catered to the practical needs of the client's daughter. Together, these elements transformed the kitchen into a unique, personalized space that reflected the client's artistic vision and accommodated their lifestyle.